Web Development

It’s a Visual World, Express Yourself


In today’s ever-changing electronic business world, a well-designed website is an accessible tool that opens lines of communication and provides instant results. People expect every business to have a website. When your business establishes a professional online presence, it will add a tremendous amount of credibility to the company's image. At N&Y, we focus on providing clients with fresh websites that are custom designed to meet their specific needs and requirements.

We start by learning about your business to better understand the goals you wish to accomplish with your website. Then, working alongside you, we make your vision a reality in graphic form. Once the design is concrete, we execute building the foundations, data systems and front-end application of your site. The result is a website that will engage your visitors with a simple, elegant design, visual appeal, and cutting-edge functionality, culminating in a high level of satisfaction for you and your customers.

Services Include:
• Cost-effective Web Sites
• Document Management
• Custom Photography
• Media Integration




Small Business Start-Up

Promote a Small Business With Big Ideas



A small business is in fact an established organization that has a validated business model and consistent, paying customers. All of these characteristics are attractive to banks and investors because they pose minimal risk. At N&Y, we take pride in developing cost-effective websites that produce results for small businesses. With our extensive background and professional know-how in promoting firms of all sizes, we offer a wide range of services that are focused and productive. N&Y maintains the capabilities of effectively helping every type of small business to succeed.

Services Include:
• Cost-Effective Starter Websites
• Optional Content Creation
• Optional On-Location Photography
• Domain/Hosting Assistance

Web Design

When You Have to Wow Your Clients



At N&Y, we understand the significance of maintaining an effective visual presence in today’s marketplace. Utilizing the latest technology, we consistently provide each client with Web Design services that set them apart from the competition. When the success of a business depends on the strength of their marketing materials, we are ready to build that identity for your business.

We design a web page which deliberately ensures that your products will visually establish and maintain a company’s standard on how they are perceived. Our design is about improving experiences, simplifying information, leveraging on ergonomics, maximizing productivity and also getting your target market.


Web Maintenance

Peace of Mind


Our website Maintenance Services packages have non-expiring hours which carry over month to month until used up. This is the perfect solution for any firm that is not sure how much maintenance help they will need.

Services Include:
• Monthly/Quarterly Updates
• Monitor web site Performance
• Monitor Domain & Hosting Expirations and Renewals
• Recommendations for Effective Web Enhancements


Other services

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The key to our success derives from an empathetic approach to our client's vision, the ability to understand and communicate ideas effectively, transforming them into tangible workable solutions.