Business Solutions

Navy and Yan provides accounting, auditing, tax, and advisory services to meet the personalized needs of an international portfolio of individuals and privately held businesses in varying industries. The Firm has vast experience helping start-ups, navigate the challenges of market entry, assisting established organizations in an emergent business environment, and guiding individuals and businesses through the challenge of changing tax laws.

Navy and Yan’s Audit Services make sense of the new and increasingly complex risks existing in today’s business world and how these risks can be reflected in an organisation’s performance.We emphasise on developing a comprehensive understanding of our client’s business and on how management operates and controls the various business processes. This approach focuses on performance indicators that drive the organisation. As part of our planning procedures, we aim to gain a thorough understanding of the business including its strategies, risks and controls. This understanding allows focusing on critical areas, thus performing an effective and efficient audit.

Navy and Yan work with you side-by-side to determine the proper level of service you need based on the unique circumstances of your organization. Whether it’s an audit, review, compilation, special financial analysis or forecast, the service you require will depend upon many factors. Navy and Yan will clearly guide you through the myriad of considerations in making this decision.

An audit is a valuable service that an accounting firm provides to its clients. Our audit goes beyond the numbers in order to guide you through current and future business challenges. Assurance services – In delivering these services we adhere to the highest standards of independence, professional objectivity and technical excellence. Our Auditing & Assurance services are customized to help clients meet their assurance needs.

Internal Audit


Our key role of Internal Audit is to

  • provide comfort to management that operations are well-managed, efficient, and within the bounds of applicable laws, regulations and policies
  • identify weaknesses in business practices and management systems and recommend improvements; and,
  • identify opportunities to reduce expenditures, increase revenues and better protect corporate assets.

At Navy and Yan, we go well beyond mere accountancy, right to the heart of your financial future. We act as more than just accountants to become your trusted business advisor.

Our approach to accounting and auditing personifies our core values of integrity, teamwork and communication and forms the basis for enduring business relationships.We believe that even routine accounting and bookkeeping functions deserve special treatment because we seek to enhance business performance of our customers.

Information Technology

Information Technology (IT) is concerned with information (data) storage and management and information security. Navy and Yan provides advice on the ultimate use of IT towards enhancement of business processes. IT helps managers and workers to inquire about a particular problem, conceive its complexity and generate new products and services, thereby improving their productivity and output.

Systems Accounting
Navy and Yan will transfer your paper-based or inefficient bookkeeping system to any computerized accounting system and show you the best way for your unique company to use it. We will set up your computerized accounting system, document it and train your employees. When we walk out your door, you will have a fully functional system ready for daily processing, employees who know how to use it and a number to call if you need any help.
Navy and Yan Research & Business Knowledge Management Unit is operated from a virtual platform.The unit�s main objective is to conduct continuous research into ways to improve business processes and results. As an added objective, the unit also provides assistance to various stakeholders, academics and learners into conducting research for business and educational purposes.
We are committed to deliver high quality tax advice in the rapidly developing economy. We stay abreast of tax laws, policies, and international tax treaties for the benefit of our clients. Navy and Yan offers a number of services, among which: preparation and lodgement of tax returns (Personal, Corporate, VAT) taxation advice and planning assistance in cases of tax investigations and assessments.
Web Design & Development

Navy and Yan builds flexible, customizable and affordable websites. We will train your staff to make updates - you will be in control of your website. Navy and Yan hosts and manages the applications from its facilities and coordinate ongoing support, maintenance and upgrades. Navy and Yan builds modules to fit a specific market driven need.

Nowadays website becomes an essential part of every profession. Website makes strong impact on the image of your company. It is very important when you are more concerned about exploring your business world wide. If you are into the business, an owner of small or medium or big company, or a professional or free lancer you need to have your own website for many reasons. There are approximately 970 millions Internet users, 15% of the world's population. Thus, it is a most efficient way to get potential customers from all over the world through internet marketing. Websites have no boundaries as far as place or region or country is concern. It is international. If you have a website, then you have something international that overcomes the limits between countries and more